Dr Maggie KOONG, BBS, JP

The World Organization for Early Childhood Education - Hong Kong

On behalf of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education – Hong Kong (OMEP-Hong Kong), I would like to send our heartfelt congratulations to The Open University of Hong Kong to mark its 30th Anniversary.

Over the past three decades, the OUHK has kept reinventing itself to meet the changing needs of the society and provide open, flexible, and quality higher education. As one of the most important teacher education universities, particularly in the area of early childhood education, the OUHK now offers diverse teacher training programs from sub-degree to postgraduate levels. Apart from its excellence in curriculum development and teaching, the OUHK’s research achievements are equally impressive. The research work done has not only led to the generation of new knowledge but has also made important contributions to the promotion of evidence-based practice in learning and teaching. I sincerely commend the OUHK and its very dedicated staff, who have inspired generations of students and played a significant role in the advancement of the teaching profession in Hong Kong.

With boundless energy, The Open University of Hong Kong is an institution looking forward to the future. We hope the OUHK and our organization will continue to work hand in hand to the betterment of education in many years to come.