Dr Anthony W K CHOW, SBS, JP

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

On behalf of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, it is my great pleasure to congratulate The Open University of Hong Kong on the occasion of its 30th Anniversary.

Dedicated to making higher education available to all and to promoting lifelong learning, OUHK is a pioneering institution which has made a vital contribution to our community. Through flexible study options and a wide range of post-secondary, continuing and professional programmes, it has opened up new opportunities for young people and working adults and in doing so contributed greatly to the progress of our society.

This is why the Club has been pleased to support OUHK’s work over many years. We too believe in the importance of continuous development and of empowering citizens of all ages to achieve their full potential. Most especially we encourage them to serve the community and to contribute to the future of our city.

At OUHK, donations from the Club’s Charities Trust have facilitated campus development and the expansion of teaching facilities. Major projects include the OUHK Jockey Club Campus and the OUHK Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare, scheduled for completion in 2020, which will support the development of the next generation of healthcare professionals. In addition, the Club has collaborated on the Jockey Club Community Healthcare Education Programme and the Jockey Club Home Health Watch Education Programme which provide volunteers with free healthcare and nursing training with a view to providing supportive care to the elderly and to those with chronic diseases. The Club is also supporting OUHK to establish a STEAM centre, which aims to help secondary school students develop their science-based creativity and problem-solving skills.

Once again, my warmest congratulations to The Open University of Hong Kong on its outstanding educational achievement. The Hong Kong Jockey Club looks forward to many more years working alongside OUHK staff and students for the betterment of our society.