Dr Anthony LEE Kai Yiu

Chief Hospital Manager & Medical Director
Union Hospital

It gives me the great pleasure to extend my heartiest congratulations to The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) on its 30th Anniversary.

Beginning as a distance-learning-based institute and the only self-financing university set up by the HKSAR Government, The OUHK has come a long way to have evolved into what it is today. In the course of the past 30 years, The OUHK has been at the forefront of distance learning and education innovation for people from all walks of life. Its commitment in meeting students’ learning aspirations and society’s dynamic needs is inspirational and monumental, thus establishing itself as a comprehensive and full-fledged university.

I congratulate The OUHK in striving to innovate and excel in new programmes and researches, and commend the fine effort and strong commitment of the University Council, past and present Presidents, and the team of dedicated staff. I wish The OUHK every success in the future and may it continue to grow in strength, vision and direction in the years ahead.