Professor CHEONG Hee Kiat

Singapore University of Social Sciences

Congratulations to OUHK on your 30th Anniversary!

Your growth from a mainly distance-learning institution to a comprehensive full-fledged university is inspiring, a testimony of the conviction, foresight, leadership, determination and hard effort of all who steered and powered its development from the early days to the present. Most importantly, OUHK has touched and transformed many lives through its education provisions, giving opportunities for qualification advancement and lifelong learning hitherto not available or in short supply. It is a valuable service not just to the individuals themselves but also the society they serve in.

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is proud to enjoy a mutually-beneficial relationship with OUHK for many years. In our formative years, we took guidance from the expertise and development of OUHK as we charted our own path. We are confident that our collaboration will continue to prosper, bringing Hong Kong and Singapore closer together through our like-minded higher education philosophy in providing quality lifelong learning education to all.